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New update
I had realized there was a really dumb error I overlooked and didn't notice for months (surprisingly no one pointed it out), but I found it and decided to get i...
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Issues with final "puzzle"
So I heard several people had issues and got stuck on the final "puzzle" in the game. To fix this, I set a small trigger event when the player tries to interact...
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Don't worry about it
I've fixed an error where the reset of the mirror puzzle had made one of the events go to it's starting position while remembering that it got moved. Now it act...
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A mini-update
Don't worry, you don't need to re-download anything! I just made more changes because I remembered things that could've ran more smoothly that I didn't program...
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Sorry for the issues, I had not gotten sleep before uploading the game and I was too eager to upload it on 4/28 that I overlooked the errors there, I mean, I ev...
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