Sorry for the issues, I had not gotten sleep before uploading the game and I was too eager to upload it on 4/28 that I overlooked the errors there, I mean, I even forgot to change the character sprite and starting position when first uploading it! I'll laugh about that later since at the time, I was panicking a lot. But let's not worry about that. The important thing is I fixed the issues that I overlooked so now everything should be smooth sailing from beginning to end. Immense apologies to anyone who immediately went to play it the moment they saw it on itch.io!
If anyone already started playing, it could be possible that you activated an event that wasn't supposed to be there and arguably ruined the entire experience (both mine and my playtester's fault), so please, play this new version instead and if your previous save is still there, ignore it and play from the beginning please, it'll be much better, I promise!
Thank you for listening to this and playing the game!
Have a nice day! ^u^


Lost the game.zip 40 MB
Apr 29, 2018

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