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I've fixed an error where the reset of the mirror puzzle had made one of the events go to it's starting position while remembering that it got moved. Now it acts like the other events that worked, so if the move object event gets stuck somehow, you get reset its position with no consequences.
There still happened to be an issue where the character walked on the wall, but I fixed it (please do let me know if there's other issues like this one as soon as you see it). Someone also pointed out that there was a way that I could make the character interact with an event when facing a specific way (ie; character can read books when facing the books on the shelves instead of just all sides of the event in the shelf, if that makes any sense... Basically, now the player won't awkwardly read an entire book from the side of a book shelf because that's just weird).
So that's basically it for now, remember to point out any errors or mistakes you find to better the game experience!


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May 02, 2018

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